di-gi-di-a-logue  [diji-dahy-uh-lawg, -log]

n. a published end-product that results from an on-line conversation between authors and their readers.

v. to carry on, partake-in, an online conversation that  
will result in a published end-product.

A DigiDialogue is a process and a product that results with a published eBook where the dialogue between the author and the audience becomes part of the final ‘copy’.

The process to develop a DigiDialogue involves two distinct elements. The first is an interactive online representation of an authors work designed to generate an on-line dialogue between the author and the participatory audience. The second element, the product, is a published eBook that incorporates the author’s full work as well as the dynamic discourse that was generated online from the author’s exerpts.

You, the ‘audience’ becomes part of the authoring and publishing process.

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First eBook
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Woody Allen:
Reel to Real

Alex Sheremet presents one
of the most thorough and
considered critiques on
Woody Allen’s complete
body of cinema work as
well as the critical debates
that surround
it … but his text is only
part of the full story.

Woody Allen: Reel to Real
is the first DigiDialogue
from Take2Publishing … a product and a process where
the author inspires a discourse between and amongst himself and his audience

Everyone has an opinion of
Woody Allen, whether
those opinions come from
a learned perspective, or
from the tabloids … and Sheremet's excitingly exhaustive analysis
is the perfect fodder to
generate and further this
unique form of dialogue

"… a seminal book in
film criticism … that
will inspire a younger generation of art
critics … "

Dan Schneider, founder
of Cosmoetica

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